Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Journey......

I Love Delhi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not just because it’s my hometown. It is because the happenings and incidents that happens day to day over here makes me proud that I am a Delhite……

Well, I would like to share my bus journey which I faced last time. I am very much use to in travelling by Bus. But last Monday journey was little bit different for me.
Actually I left from my house at 9.30 am to catch the bus for my office. As, I have to cover my half distance by bus and half by Metro Train. So, when I reached at the bus stop, there was no one at that bus stop except a person who was selling tobacco, cigarettes, toffees etc. I was waiting from past half an hour but not a single bus came which could be useful for me. In between that time period, I had seen 12-15 people at that bus stop which was unbelievable for me at that day because it was not so much popular among commuters.

After half an hour, a red colored (A/C) DTC bus came over there and approximately 80% people caught that bus including me. So, I gave Rs.5 more than the usual fare I use to give for that distance because of its so called A/C which I have never found in that type of buses.

After 2 bus stops there was a huge crowd jumped over the bus and my nose was stick next to the cheek of the man who was standing beside me. One of the uncles seems 40-45 years was screaming badly because his hand got stuck in the door of that bus as Mr. Driver closed the so called doors due to passenger’s safety. His elbow was outside that bus and remaining body parts were inside that bus. He told to conductor, “@* %$>: open the door”. Then the door was opened and he took a long deep breadth just like his loose motion has been cured with desi treatments.

2-3 girls were standing in front of me having with decent fragrance struggled to find out a support to make themselves comfortable in such a concert [seems that Backstreet Boys were going to perform in that bus after watching that crowd]. Few teenagers tried to stick with them, but got demotivated due to their angry looks.

But a most interesting character was standing beside me. He told that “I am feeling very much hesitation in that bus.” I didn’t understand why he was feeling hesitation but suddenly I realized that he meant to say ‘suffocation’ instead of hesitation.

On that day, I realized if I use to travel with my own conveyance, then I really missed those cherished moments which I enjoyed on that day. It was a wonderful experience indeed.

By : Jayant Singh:)