Thursday, March 22, 2012

Accidently In friendship ……..

While I was in my home town one of my friend told me his friendship which I am trying hard to write down. All the time I was sitting idle and seeing lots of stars in the sky. It was all so bright in the sky and I miss those days in Delhi especially in the summer nights.

A boy harry and girl sally met in college (Ideally title should be when harry met sally). They were from different background, different region. Only thing they have common,there dream to make big in college and life. They started their college not knowing each other for.But some time you come to know some one accidentally. First time they had a word about some project was about after 4 month of college and they become the project partner. They know they can’t be friend not because they don’t like each other but they know they can’t be friend as their background difference doesn’t allow this.

Well who care for these things in the college. They met few more time in the college, class and also in canteen. They both made some good friend in the new college and new life. They hit the ground running with new friends. Their chemistry was great but they were not friends. Well the friend in their group were mostly couples. So it gave them extra time to be together. It made them understand each other more but still they were not friends. They went together in few parties and in the fresher party as well. Their entire friend was thinking as they were couple but for them they were still not friends. They used to have late night talk and lots of chat about their problems in college, life and friendship. They share lots of thing but only about college life. Both of them used to trust each other, help each other in notes, studies but still for them they were still not friends.

First semester holidays arrived faster than anyone of them would have thought. They all went away to homes with the promise of be back in few weeks and to be in touch in these weeks. Well exactly opposite happened with harry and sally. Both of them not made any promise. sally said to harry not to call him in these weeks. Not even messages can be sent. Well harry was fine with it initially. All of them left for holidays. And yet they were not friends.

Harry arrived in home after the first 6 month in the college. He was happy to be back in home. He was meeting with his old friends. First night he missed something in his life but he was not sure of what. All his friends were buys in something or other. He wanted to talk to someone. For the first time he was missing sally. He could not call sally and what bother him most was is sally also missing him? He was not sure about that. He wanted to know about her more than anything. How is She, what would be she doing? He picked up his phone thousand times and dialed her number and cut it again. He knows sally has said not to call her and he don’t want to offend her.

He gathered some courage, picked up his phone and type message. “How are you? I am missing my friend sally. Can we be friends?” He pressed send button. No reply was received for next few hours. He  was anxious about the reply. What would be her reply, has she read the message, why has she not replied, at least some reply can be send. Every message received in his phone he was thinking about it should be sally message. At around midnight he received message from sally. “I am fine. Don’t message me again as I said to you till we reach the college”.

It broke harry heart. His all dreams were gone from his eyes. She does not like him as friend? He is so bad. His thought were getting wild. He was only thinking about it has to be me.

He received another message in his phone. He opened the message. His smile was back on face after reading the message. “Well Mr. harry as per your friendship is concern you have to treat me as I am to missing you as my friend but no message OK.”

He was smiling and was on the cloud 9. For the first time he changed his name in this mobile as “Friend sally”. And for the records they were friends for the first time.

He was waiting for the day their college will open again and hoping his new friend sally will also be thinking the same. Friendship can bring lots of happiness in your life.

Felling happy...:)