Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Village Diary (Part 3)

Have you ever thought what mobile did change in your life? Well apart from privacy there are few other things also. Because of mobile phone our grand old Mr. Landline died amateur death.

I was in 6th standard when landline phone came in our home. My Dad told me it took them two year of marathon to get landline phone line in our village. They needed min. 10 connection to get the BSNL landline connection in our village. Somehow they got the magical figure number of application. It was really hard for us as a kid to believe that landline is in our home. At that time only one of my Aunts used to have landline. So after the landline connection was in home we used to think whom to call. We used to rush every time phone start ring to see who pick up the phone first. It used to be fun well these are now good old days.

In my area where my home is located there were only two connection of phone. One was in my home other was in our neighborhood. Well in early days of landline phone we used to receive calls only from relative, some friends and from my mom office. I still remember when first time our phone was dead. The complaint was made and in next day the linesman arrived and corrected the fault. For our surprise they even not demanded single rupees for it. We all were used to give bribe to electricity lines man to get fault corrected.

There were no free calls, no sms days and even caller ID phone was rare thing. We used to talk less and think about when next to talk on phone. My friend used to call me generally after 8 so I used to be on alert to pick up the call. Late night call rates used to be cheaper but it was harder to talk and at that time there were no Vibrate or silent mode on phone.

Well see the use of phone in black and while songs as well :)...
Well fault increased in the telephone line but the other thing that increased is calls for the people from your neighborhood. All sorts of calls in day and night time started to come. Some of them for messages and some call to give them message to talk to them on particular time. Well when someone used to come in our house for calls they used to talk. I don’t know why but it was weird for me to understand all those things at that time. I was just a kid. For me phone was just another medium of enjoyment and still it was the next big thing in our life at that time.

It was till the time mobile phone arrived we used to have landline phone in our home. It came to end but still we have our landline set in our home. It is still placed in same place where it was originally places. Funny thing is now there are no more landline connection is there in our village and at one time our villagers have to struggle for almost 2 year to get the connection.