Thursday, March 29, 2012

College calling ....Again!!!!!! ( Alumni meet)

Recently I received invitation from our college for the Alumni meet. I have yet not decided whether I will able to go over there or not. I don’t know but still I have not made my mind up about this situation. Some of my college friends are super excited about to go back to college once more.
When you leave college, there are thousands of people out there with the same degree you have; when you get a job, there will be thousands of people doing what you want to do for a living. But you are the only person alive who has sole custody of your life and what you do with it. Well so lets check out some my points which I found about Alumni meet.

this is only thing on which I missed out on my college life.

What to expect in the College alumni meet ( For first time visitors like me):
  1.  You meet with all of your college friends, juniors, seniors and faculty. Well ideally this is what is supposed to happening over in the meet but I doubt it because usually these type of function are boring to talk about you fun life. You can talk about good experiences and Blah..Blah….
  2.  Free lunch. This point I thought off after seeing Jayant. If you can ever give him any reason to visit college Alumni meet, there can’t be any better that this.
  3.  A proper weekend with friends. Well those who work from Monday to Saturday can only understand this pain. Well you can’t have a better chance of proper weekend with all your old friends.
  4. One of the major reasons why you should visit alumni meet is to socialize little bit. Well I am terrible at it. I miss birthday date, parties I hate to go; I skip call and now days even I am not found on facebook and twitter. This may give you lot of time to socialize and even to gossip a lot about class, love life of other and you hate towards it.
  5. Time to show off. Well boys and girls this is time to show off what you have got yourself new in the wardrobe since you left the college. How much you have invested of your salary in yourself. Well boys will be focusing on Blackberry suits with a latest business phone. And girls will try new hairstyle and even they will go shopping for this meet. Strangely even if I decide to visit, I will be in my casual best. A jeans, shirts and hopefully someday a Guitar. No shopping, no blackberry suites ( I hate those formal suites, it make you feel like being in the line of retirement)
  6. Well if you love you college and really want to visit but you can’t find the reason. You can visit the college and as per my sources there might be some gifts for you also. So be prepared to take the gifts.
a college pic when every one was on holidays...:)

Well after some of the positive lists why you should visit College alumni meet, let’s make a note why we should we avoid this type of social event:
  1. Well going to back to college after few months it does not sound good. Well even if you reach over there last time I was told there were only less than 50 students last time. So either go in a group of friends or skip the event.
  2. Well how hard you try not to admit it but these events are boring and are only means something once you achieve something in professional life. Well I have just started Career what I can say about my experiences.
  3. Anti social and anti group, well I still remember what will happen if one of My close friend end being alone in the Alumni meet with Dealing king or PK bhai.. Well I think one or other will be frustrated.
  4. Well there will be again same question of where you work, job profile, salary and next. Come on nobody ask these question these day even my Grand ma don’t ask these types of questions.
Even thought there are more pro than cons in visiting Alumni meet (Just because I didn’t wanted to name few more). I am still in confusion about it. Well I hope it end up being a annual event with a fix date so it can be really helpful in planning. 

P.S.: Well while writing this blog I was strictly advice to avoid the controversy, I thought “JALNE DE…oH hooo JALNE DE”……and this called pure "SAIFIZZMMMMMMM"...