Sunday, April 1, 2012

April fool Banaya....(All fools day).....

First of all I want to wish all my readers and fellow writers a very happy fool’s day. Well this is only day in whole year when you can say fool to any one and yet they will not take it personally as they could have taken it on other day. We think of few smart pranks to play with so we can make fool other, but due to social networking sites and SMS world things are going to funnier and more twisters this year.

I tried few tricks last year on other but they all failed as my as usual plan. Well I don’t know what to do this year. I don’t have plan for this year. I told one of my close friends about this thing. She gave me the best Idea from his brain after a long time, usually she only give his stupid idea about even I don’t about.

She said to me, “Well saifi look you don’t have to lie to make fool. You can simply say the truth about yourself and other person and later can say it was prank”

“Well I got your stupid idea but how that helps in making fool, and what if they believed on that point then”, I replied to her.

“Look saifi, as per my thinking usually people don’t expect to say truth on this day. So if you say something that is truth but you still can’t tell anyone. You can tell and then see their reaction and decide about what to do”, for the first time in her life she was making sense to me.

I gave a long thought to this point and realize this is a good point. Look nobody expect us to make confession of our most untold stories, so even if you accept something to your friend after seeing their reaction you can tell them it is true or not. Well starting from GF confession to making a point about someone behavior. Well I am thinking about to try this but I am not sure about it will work on not.

If you can’t do anything from this then simply share this song on facebook and let other make you fool. And enjoy this fool day. Well around 2:30 Am I can’t get any better idea than this.