Monday, April 23, 2012

Why I hate facebook these days

Well I joined facebook and orkut in my graduation time around 5 year back. I got so much interested in the social word that it used to take my most of spare time. Well today when I look back, I have closed down my orkut account (well nobody uses orkut these days) and now I am using facebook even more lesser than the blogging. Is it because I have reached a saturation level or maybe there is nothing new I found on these days on these sites.

Let’s go back to the beginning time of the social networking. It was good to join facebook or orkut because it connected us to lots of lost friend of school, college. We used to look after all new update from friends, family and others. We used to comment on every new photo of any one we know, good bad and even some time ugly. But spirit was always to stay connected. Then Gradually I stopped using orkut. The reason was it was leaving me no space for myself. The photos were commented, and with comment there used to thousands of endless question from friends, family. Facebook was still different, I started using it more because my fewer friends were here and I can express myself.  People start reading my blog and start commenting on it, It made me cautious of what I am writing. Before I post any update I used to ask myself, It will hurt someone or not, it is good enough or not. Well these things you start to think when you become too much of cautious about yourself.

Every update, photo and comment made me more and more cautious about what I am saying. One day one of my friends asked me about why I write a blog like that, it is not good. It made me more cautious about what I am saying on these sites. But soon it all became a routine in life.

Then saturation point arrived; now day’s facebook has become a S@#$ place. People either like photo or single line comment. “Nice pic”, “Great” and blahh blaah. Well It will not end here, this type of things goes on and on. No one update what they feel like, it is either CCP or some time it is even worse than that.

It brings to me my question why I joined this facebook or any social networking site. Just to get all this crap in my profile, obliviously not. But in the end I needed to decide how much I can take. I shut my orkut account and even start using my facebook less. I put my focus on my blogging, let’s hope this place will not become the mess facebook and orkut has become. Now days it not about how much you can update, it is to update how much you take from these things.

P.S.: Everything has a Saturation point. Either you reach it and move on to next part or you find new things to move in next level.