Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Summer of broken dreams

Somebody was shouting in my ears to get up. “Mamu utho na, please”. It was my niece Mahi, she was getting ready for her school. I was in no mood of getting up so early. Well 7 AM is too early in my dictionary after my school life. Mahi is in the same school in which I did my schooling. So it was all over again visiting those places where my best part of childhood was spent. I decide to drop her in the school.

Well lots of changes have come in the school. It is not the same school in term of structure and also in term of schooling. I could easily recollect the road which I used to travel, the auto, gate, lots and lots of thing which I could not explain here. It took me to memory lane of my school days. My initial years in school life.

It was easy for my family to choose school for me, as my two elder sisters were studying in the same school. I joined the school in the first class. So I never went to use less class called K.G, Nursery and worst prep. I have very few memory left of my first class. Few things I do remember is when we joined our school has only the main building in which all the classes where there. But after few weeks we got our expansion and our first class was divided in two parts, A section and B section. And after that we never saw eye to eye, we were always rivals and still are in terms of classes.

My first ever friend of school life....

In my class few things that clicked with me instantly was I found one friend on my first day of class. His name was Sankalp, Our friendship was simple because her sister and my sister were in same class and they were friend. So it was easy to become friend as we knew lot about each other. We used to sit together in same bench from first class; we used to share lunch box and lots of things. My roll no used to come first and then his, so in exam also we used to sit behind each other. It will be so hard to explain my friendship with him; I could not be done in words. We are still connected but not as great as we used to be, because times we have spend away from each other. He has grown in own man and I am in my own league. But we are still connecter that is important. But right now there are few more important people who come to know me in first class.

The whole Indian Oil group, this was there group name because they used to come from bus which was of Indian Oil. So in our class they were all famous as Indian Oil group. There are very few people who was in the school from the first class they were in the few batch student. Our first Class teacher Mrs. Bhalerao Ma’am, she was the first person who knows how naughty I was in the class and yet I always got saved somehow.

If I could still remember few more things then Awdesh was our first class monitor, he was always class monitor stuff. He used to know what he does. Then there was topper of our class Yogendra, He was more obsessed with topping class every year than anything else. He always came first in initial few years and then we all gave up to come first in the class. We all were fighting to come second in the class.

Talking about Girls, how we can forget about them. There were two best of friends Anandita and Richa. They used to be best of friends. One of best things they did was “Dance”, they used to dance on some song which I could not remember at this time of movement. There was ever laughing Nazmi in the class. If you ever could associate with her, then her laugh was it. She used to start anything with her giggle and also end with the same.

I am missing so many people in this note, brijesh only Indian oil group person who was in our gang, and then there was Lawlesh, Vivek and lots of other. I could not remember all of them at this time. I am still touch with lots of them. I hope this summer is not turning out to be “Summer of broken dreams”…