Saturday, May 5, 2012

Deepak “Rousa”…Ek kavi, Ek dost

There was a Guy in my class who was so simple that some time I wonder who simple a person can be. He was not special in his looks, he dress up normally and his language was simpler. He was one of those gyus who you will miss out if you don’t interact with him and once you get in touch with him believe me you will not get bored and you will want more for him always. He was “Deepak Rousa” one of my class mate.

I don’t remember when I first met him in the college, also I don’t remember when I first time I noticed in the class. I came into his contact because of Jayant singh one of our close friend. From that point on I am obliged to have such a friend. He has his own qualities which is rare to find. He is poet and a very good one. In today world when everyone is running after the English here you find a guy who loves his language. The first time I heard his poem was in the class was about story of son and his mother. It was a classic story of our Rural India but the only difference is he was showing courage of family in the poem and other we’re seeing the sad part in rural Indian and their inability to do things. The emotions he brings in the poem are rare to find.

His first stage performance was in the farewell of our seniors. And he exceeded our expectation over there. I don’t know who recommended him but his whole part was once of the best and it was beginning of many such performances that we have witnessed in the stage. He was every regular in every event in the college after that.

But those how think his English is not good, you are wrong. He speech in the our debate competition was one the emotional touching description of the rural India and failure of PDS. He will never show how much it means to her everything that he do. You give him any work he will do it with his full dedication. Even he was regular in the class. If you meet him first time you will even never know that he is guzzar, I don’t know it is good or bad thing but you can never judge him with his looks.
He has his friend group where he was more comfortable. He never left them alone in college life. He used to sit the 3 or 4 seat of left hand side. And he made it own because nobody used to sit there. He never bunked class, His assignment was always on time ( And he used to write not copy from somewhere else).

There was a time when I have forgotten about this blog and used to be busy in facebook update only. One day he had a word with me who we can again restart this writing this part. I somehow started writing because of him and it was thing I love most after that.

Few line for Deepak “Rousa”..
Ek kavi ki talash me na jane hum kaha bhatak gaye,
Who paas khada tha hum door nikal gaye,
Usne ek lambi si awaz di hai kahi se,
Sayad woh ussi ped ke neecha to nahi khada hai,
Jaha hum sham ki chai piya karte the,
Par Woh ped ab kisi aur ka hai aur ab chai b waha nahi h,
Sayad who ab kahi se bula raha hai”