Monday, May 14, 2012

Few beautifull Minds....(Deepka "Rousa")...part one..

From a long time I was thinking how the interview session works. Not for the job part because I have also give them but the Tv, radio or say print media interview. I was thinking what I can do about it. I decide to take it on, and get interview of few people who are rare to find but they have been quite influential in my life. “The last few good people”…

In first part I decided to take interview of one of my friend Deepak “Rousa”. He is man of many mood, sometime poet and sometime the reader, writer and even working also on his own job. But there are few things that only he knows about himself. So I decided to take the interview of him first to know about him more and let other also know. Initially he was little bit skeptical about interview but he got over his fear and ready to give me interview. It was such a beautiful to have a work with him over a Coffey and uncover lots of things about him.

Meri awaz meri pechaan hai ....agar yaad rahe...

Me: hello, Deepak bhai. So finally you are ready to give a full fledged interview to me.
Deepak: Saifi bhai, it is always a pleasure to give you interview. I think you will never writer what I will tell you but you will always end up writing what you want to. Don’t get it wrong but that is issue with all the blogger.

Me: I will try to stay true to this one as much as possible.
I took out a pen, paper and start writing few questions before stating. I knew once it is started, it will be difficult to stop and in the flow I will forget lots of things.

Me: So Deepak, let us know something about you early life in school, what type of student you were in the school?
Deepak: I thought you will be asking about my family first. Ok getting back to you question, my schooling was done from my school in the village. It was not so tech. savvy or say modern school but yet the education I received there was very important. Daily I used to go on stage and sing the Morning Prayer song, other child used to dance and some used to make the sounds also to disturb. It was strange but it was interesting. I used to study daily three hours in the home when I was in school. Personally I loved the stage from early age of my life. I am cleaver boy with simplicity in me. When I used to go to school my father used to look after my hair that it is in order or not. Till date I never abused anyone in my life till date with foul language because it is never taught me. The best part was I topped each class from 1 to 12 in school. I was not good in math’s and history but still I managed to top. Might be that was the reason why boys were not my good friends due to my marks but girls used to care for me as a friend. From them I learned how to more caring towards your friend. They are the best source of learning that has been my experience.

Me: It seemed you enjoyed your life in the school, how your family helped in life at that time. They were supportive what you do?
Deepak: Firstly I lived in the joint family so it was not the small family. I was always loved by family and best part I know I am the soul of my family. But saying so they have given everything that they have to me. They never rejected any of my demand from childhood in any condition either good or bad.
Today I would like to confess one thing that without the love of my family I would have been nothing. I hope I could do something for them.

Me: You father is farmer but then also he does not want you be farmer, why is that so. I am asking this because my father also felt the same way. Can you pin point what is wrong with being farmer in India or just this generation is seeing end of farming.
Deepak: It is tough question answer saifi Bhai. Well first thing Come in my mind after your question was “Jai Jawan and Jai Kisan”, these days both the profession are not any more attractive to our generation. People become Jawan by mistake and Kisan by accident but sayint that realize these both jobs are really tough. If I talk in a broader sense look everyone knows there are not good policies of government related to the agriculture. Even if they would have some policy that will also benefit the middle man in these field.

See the point is they are still following the English time rule in the agriculture field. Take a example of Land acquisition, it is still from the English laws and also it benefit hugely the govt. in term of revenue. They don’t want to change it and try to buy the land from farmers forcefully. Why is the question if you think, then there is economics involved. They purchase land from farmers in small price and sell to developers in large profit. Look if you purchase land in 10rs and sell it to 1000rs then there will be some issues. The only truth in this county is by being farmer you can only live on two time food. that’s it.

Saifi do you ever heard any leader son was killed or any leader was killed in any fight? Answer will be no. In India at basic level there is no democracy only a mask of democracy. Autocracy is always in power and authority. I saw these drams on the grassroot level. I think in the end us and only we can find the answer for the problem of farmer. Nor the govt. and nor the leader.

It was turning out to fascinating discussion and interview with Deepak “Rousa”. In next part he will tell about his college life, his struggler, belief, life and other things like poem…