Friday, May 25, 2012

The Backbenchers: The summer surprise

It was April time in the school. This is generally time for the new secession in the school. Everybody in the school is happy about entering in the new class. We miss some friend who either moved on to the new school or remain in the same class for one more year. We care less for studies and start more enjoying or time in the school as we know that before summer vacation there will not be any exams in the school.

I was always one of the backbenchers student form my school days. I think only when teacher used to get irritated with our activity then only she or he used to shift me from our seats. Well that used to only happen in once is 3 months. Back to original story.

It was before the summer break time in the school so we all were in new class and enjoying it fully. On one such day we had our games class in the 6th period. It was the only class which every student wants to happen daily or many time in a day. But the cruel school people only used to give us 2 or 3 class in a week for games.

We were enjoying our sports class by playing various games in the group. I don’t know why but that day I, vivek and two other students who I can’t remember were back in the class early. I was early because vivek was my seat mate and next period was of math’s his favorite subject. He used to love that class. It was the first time we were studying maths from Chote lal Sir. I heard about him from our seniors and my sister also how strict he is and how he teaches maths and also how strict he was at that time.

So after the bell rang fortunately or unfortunately I was in the class. Only 4 students were in the class. He entered in the class; we greeted him and sat on our seat.  He asked, “Were the other student from your class”.

One of us replied, “Sir it was games class so I think they will be back in the class”. It was not the time of cell phone so we can give a miss call or msg form class so everyone can be back. By the time everyone was back in the class it was about 10 min. late. We were happy that atleast we are saved from the punishment from the Chote Lal Sir. He was ready for his special treatment to student which was very infamous in the school. If you think why his name was Chote Lal? maybe because of his hight. But then also how come their parents know how short he will be.

Suddenly he asked, “Who is the monitor of this class”.

Reluctantly our class monitor Kushvendra came forward. He has been our class monitor for last 3 year and before there was Awdesh. He was one the brightest student in our class and always used to top in our class since last few years. He was one of my close friends at that time.

Chote Lal sir continued, “How can a class be discipline, when his monitor is so indiscipline. How come you can’t come on the time to class. Didn’t you hear the bell of time or you are not interested in the class. This is really a disgusting thing. You don’t deserve to be the class monitor from now onwards. You are not class monitor in my class and even in the other class as well. I will talk to your class teacher as well.”
It stunned us all. How can this happen, he is one of the best monitor in the school and a bright student. Even if we look at the option that else can be made the class monitor. There was no option in my mind at time. I admit secretly I wanted to be the monitor of the class but I knew always that I don’t have the chance of being so because of some reasons.

Chote Lal sir declared that of these four students will be class monitor. Now that was more showing. I don’t want to be monitor and vivek you can’t imagine it. A thin boy, whose voice is not been to even audible to me and here he can be made the class monitor.

Then came the shock, I was made the class monitor. I never expected that in my wildest imagination. It was like getting gold medal without even running in 100 Meter race. I hated that, and my expression said it all. It was dumbstruck, nor happy and not sad. But there was surprise in my mind. Pinch me because this can’t be possible. I can’t be class monitor.

As the Chote Lal sir class was over it was heavy exercise for me. Some of class mate were congratulating me and other were thinking how come he be monitor of the class. He knows nothing about it.
Indeed it was one the best memories of my school day when I was class monitor. I used to have fun, you are free from the punishment zone and from the fear that you might get smacked down, and you get more attention in front of teachers. The best you can make of the school days are those days.