Monday, April 23, 2012

Mentor....why we need them in college..

I have been thinking about lots of things to write about but as everybody know how much lazy I am, it just didn’t happen until it is odd hour to keep your mind in mood to write or I am reminded repeatedly to finish the pending work by my scheduler (usually my back logs are so much that even that can’t be scheduled).

I was just reading one of my blog and thought how my opinion has changed from last year. It usually gives you a better perspective of things once you are away from that situation.

I never believed in the thought that you need good teachers in the MBA in my opinion far from teacher you need more of a motivator and mentor in the MBA who can guide you rather than putting more focus on teaching. I have seen both type of mentor in my MBA life. In first year I never had a single interaction with my mentor at that time but in the second year I had a mentor whom we used to interact daily and tell our though and problems daily related to college, life and profession.  At that time I written about what I felt for my mentor and it evoked lot of response. Some thought it was emotional other thought it was buttering. I written what I thought at that time was right and somehow it was true. I read that blog thousand times but still it feels it misses something or other thing.

When I left the college, I had only good things to say about my mentor. And now my junior has the same thing to say about my mentor. It is not about one person or a group of student, but when one group, second group and even third group start praising your. You bound to have something special. And I think my mentor has that thing, something that made her special teacher and mentor.

Well I hope she continue to mentor of many batch to come, that’s why I always say sometime age is not a barrier in what you can be. Sometime I miss mentor in my life. But what we can do, we all have moved on in our life but she still mentor and nurture lots of lost and potential talent in the college. 
You need those kinds of people in college who can guide the talents in right way.
Once I want to a teacher of marketing in last year about to consult one of my projects, He rejected it and said it was not possible. But few months back when I started this blog in my college, my mentor was the first to believe in my idea. I am still continuing it; I hope to do it always on my own. But the faith she shown on my idea at that time has given me faith to continue this.

P.S.: Sometime In life you need those teachers who belief in your idea and let you free to choose your own path. I don’t want to name her but everyone who will read this will know who I am referring to.