Monday, April 16, 2012


It was 7.45 in the evening when I left from my office. I was very tired at that time so I was walking down slowly towards the main road to catch the rickshaw to the way to metro station. There is a temporary rickshaw stand over their near my office where so many rickshawwala’s stand for the passengers.

So, it was a normal day for me and I used to go there to catch the rickshaw. So, I asked to a rickshaw wala, “Will you go to that metro station?”……..

He said, “Yes sir!!! But do you know the fare???....

I said, “Yaaa!!! It’s 20 Rs. “A sign of calmness and happiness appeared on her face. Then he replied, “You are so kind of sir,,,, because when some passenger negotiated with me for Rs.15 or less then I feel very sad…..!!!!” Then, I realized,’ how a single penny costs so much for a person like him………’

So, I hired him and he rides his rickshaw towards my destination. In between, a signal came and one another rickshaw came from other side in a high speed, and he overtakes a cyclist who misbalanced due to this sudden act. Then that rickshawwala got stuck into a bike by which that bike felt down on the road. Then, few shopkeepers over that place slapped him very hardly 2-3 times.

Now, I crossed ahead from that incident with my rickshawwala and he became very emotional. I didn’t understand, “Why he was behaving like that in such an emotional way???”……

But after some time, I realized the pain behind his words. Actually the matter was that, “he saw an accident in the morning where a truck driver crushed a cyclist and that cyclist was dead on the spot.”
So, he was very upset on that day. He continuously discussed me about this incident throughout the way. Initially, I thought that he is already drunk and telling so much nonsense, but when I took him seriously, then I realized his feelings. He was continuously abusing to the car, bus or truck drivers and the words of him that inspired me to write this blog are:


Now, I leave this question on you guys… I know most of them you replied that it happens by mistake, destiny or blah-blah reasons. But are these reasons sufficient to compensate one’s life that lost it in these bloody road accidents.

Is destiny totally responsible for that??? Or, our hurriedness,,,, passion,,, madness,,, style are responsible for that.

My motive to write this blog is not to discuss road safety measures or any other this type of thing. I want to tell one thing is that “Nothing is more important than a person’s life,,, so please be aware and control your passion in such a manner that it doesn’t affect others.

Jayant Singh..