Sunday, April 15, 2012

DadaGiri...The Best captain of India Ganguly..

Somebody said to me recently, “Once a Ganguly fan, Always a Ganguly fans”. I am one of few Ganguly fans who still believe that he is and he was the best captain of India.

Yesterday night Dada and Dhoni came in front of each other one time more. It is not the first time that they both have faced each other as a captain of opposition team. Dada was captain of KKR in first IPL and Dhoni was captain of Chennai. It was the time when we saw the rise of Dhoni and the fall of Ganguly. Now in present time the debate is on who was and is the best captain of India. Ganguly or Dhoni?

In my opinion it would always be Ganguly. He was made captain of India team in the most difficult circumstances. One side there was issue of match fixing and other side issue of new team building. He took the challenge on. He was the changing face of Indian cricket. A team builds by the youth and the old players as well. We saw the rise of Sewagh, Yuvraj, Zaheer and Harbhajn and yet there was place of Sachin, Dravid and Laxman as well. He was captain who was not afraid of any team. He believed in team building rather than on Individual performance by players. Under his Guidance team beaten the Mighty Australia, Won in Pakistan and even reached the world cup final mind you not in India It was in South Africa.

This picture define a new generation of India Cricket

People will argue that Dhoni won world Cup T20 and world cup. Lets face it India won world cup due to Yuvraj singh batting and Zaheer Khan Bowling. Sehwag and Harbajan chipped in too. But now nobody remember the Yuvraj heroic in the world cup. Well who care of the troops in the team. 

If ever there is player who will get his place in team because of his captain it would be Ganguly. Look at the current Pune team. This is team who has lost his star player like Yuvraj, and even not participated in the player auction. Then Ganguly came in and changed everything. Now pune after last night is on the top. A team with not the best of player but playing likes team. They played like team who want to win and Dada who captain them like a real leader.

You can see the diff. between dhoni and Ganguly. Dhoni is captain of the best team in IPL but yet he is not able to win the matches due to his captainship but Ganguly is captain of average team in pune. He made them fighting like a team. They won against Mumbai due to his fantastic captainship.  

I read somewhere few weeks back, “Ganguly was best captain of Indian and Dhoni was captain of best team”. All hails to Ganguly as the best captain of India and still going strong. 

P.S.: We all love Ganguly as a captain and as a leader. He has still DadaGiri in it.