Saturday, April 7, 2012

I love you…like I hate you

This is how one of my close used to describe his feeling. He loves someone because he hates her. Now you must be confused? Either he can love someone or he can hate someone, but how can he do both at the same time. I was also confused about this for a long time, till recently I got some clarity about this and that prompted me to write about this.

Thing happened like this in his life, He used to initially like that girl. Then he started to hate that girl because his friend started to hate her. Then after sometime he realized that he loved her but then how to admit that in front of his friend. So he hates her in front of his friend but inside his heart and when his friends are not near he loved that girl.

Well things seem so simple with a little piece of paragraph, but life is not easy as it seems. Well she tells her friends that he meets her and he denies every week that he meets her. So as a friend we are confused to whom we believe. Either to believe to friend who is more close to me or to the truth which I can see in front of my eye? Well this is really disturbing thing in life when some of your close friend leave you in such a state. I am no saint but believe me I never ditched my friend because I wanted to make someone feel better. Worse you say to that person to not disclose this kind of information. But then also if your friends came to know about that, what will be you credibility? I know people will argue that it is someone personal like and you don’t have any right to ask any question. My argument will be always either make friend from your heart or leave them and don’t feel sh@#t about it. Why carry a dead relation, when you know it is dead.

Well problem is you trying to make one relationship work with lie to others. I know everybody does it but sometime you have to trust other and truthful to other in order other could be with you. I never said it is bad but I think if you lose your friend in life then matter how hard you try you may never get them back until you make new friends. And making friend in any place is more difficult as you grow old.

Some time you try to be over smart in life. You tend to think, how come they will know about it. This is how life works out some time. But making friend is not easy but losing them is quite easy. Well they will realize these things when they will lose something which they are quite sure they can’t lose.
Well in life you hardly make good friend who trust you. But that trust barrier Is broken in any relation it is hard to get it back.