Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Love for Urdu....

In life you face lots of language barrier. Sometime of language you speak, sometime the way you communicate and sometime that way you perceive other person. As a kid you never understand these things.

In my early days when I was about 10 years old, I used to have a tutor for me who used to teach me Urdu, Arabic and Holy Quran. He taught me Urdu basics how to read, how to write this beautiful language. I used to call him Hafiz ji. He was in mid 30’s when he used to teach me. He was a simple man as I used to see him. Hafiz ji used to wear a long white kurta (which usually lots of Maulana wear in the present time) and Lungi. I never seen him in the angry mood, whenever I have seen him he has always a sense of calmness with him. I still admire him a lot.

He used to teach me how to read and write Urdu language, I picked up quite fast as I always loved the language. I still remember lots of Nazam that he taught me at that time. Some of them were of Iqbal “Lab pe aati hai dua ban ke”, “ek parinde ke paigam”. He knew what he was teaching and how much I can take at that age. But at time I never understood these things. I always felt he is too harsh on me to teach me same thing again and again even when I am ready for next level. He knew that learning is one thing but retaining it for long time is difficult.

After 10th Hafiz ji said to me my education for Urdu and Holi Quran is completed. In a way it was end of a cycle in my life. I moved on in my life with more focus towards my education in other fields. I learned more of English but still it could not match my hunger of Urdu language. But my learning of Urdu was never completed. After Graduation I realized, I never completed my education of Urdu language. I know how to read, writes the Urdu but some time I am not able to understand the meaning of words. That is the time when I remember Hafiz ji, he taught one thing that I never forget. He said to me one time, “Saifi , learning is not important. You can learn even at the age of 60 but always improving and retaining what you have learned is more important”.

Now I know why it is important to be a good student to learn. You can be a good learner but if you are not a good student no knowledge will serve you ever. Today I want to learn more of Urdu, Arabic and even some more foreign language but I don’t get the time to learn. Urdu I am still following because I know how to read and I always try to learn it.

P.S. :Imaan mujhe roke hai to kheenche hai mujhe kufr
        Kaaba mere piche hai, Kalisaa mere aage.