Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The 96th Devils…(My version)

After almost 2 years I just wanted to revisit the most important phase of my life. The 96th devil, It was the term which was first used by Jayant, one of the member of this family. He was the one who discovered this name, a name which is still quite close to all of the member of this family.

I was the last person to enter in the 96th devils family. The others were Nisheeth, Jayant and Aman.So if you are curious what is 96 No is related to. 96 number was our flat no. in which we spend our golden time of hostel life. Flat No 96 in a way defined the way we lived our life for next few months. I became the 96th flat no member by chance or say by luck. Only if Amit would not have left for other flat, some body could have arrived earlier than me but that’s how sometime luck is with you. You get the chances and you create your own destiny with it.

96th devil had everything in it. It had drama, emotion and some very heavy action also. For me it started with being roommate of Nisheeth. He was totally opposite of me or what I am, He is organized, he finish his work on time and he spend his time with all calculation. And the scary part was he used to take bath daily at 7 AM, even in chilling winter. He used to act for me as alarm.  He used to finish his assignment on the time and I mostly end up being coping it. Well it is always pain to have a roommate like me. I never wake up on time, always late on the every occasion. Well still he love me I know that. That’s always come naturally to me.

If I found Bade Bhaiya as my room mate than Jayant found a match made in heaven as his room mate. Mr. Aman. Now first time you see him you might be scared but never go by his looks. He has a hearth of gold, oh that was too much of praise but at least he has heart of child. Till the day he was in 96th family we never saw his room locked and Jayant was used to sleep used in half of the bed because in rest of 1 1/2 kapoor sahab used to sleep. And only way Jayant used to kick his A#@ was by studying. He used to study in every corner of the falt. I still remember when Kapoor sahab used to kick him out of his room, he used to study in gallery. Now that was his dedication for study.

In 96th family we all used to take different bus to reach the college. Well from our hostel it was daily 4 buses used to Go. Bade bahiya used to take first bus after that I used to take second one. Just because I could not match his Inhuman effort of waking up so early. And if you are curious which bus Jayant and Aman used to take. In whole hostel life they only took 4th bus that was last bus. even some time they used to miss last bus also.

In that starting period of my hostel life in flat no 96, I never felt alone. Some time I missed my family but they all where there for me. In that flat I learned so many things. I celebrated my first break at Top and the party after that. I never felt like it was hostel except at the of food or on Sunday. On Sunday there used to be huge rush in mess of our hostel because on that Choole Bature used to be served. Well you need to fight for at least half n hour to get in line and by the time you reach in the front either your eating mood would be gone or you would deiced. "Lets eat rice one more day".

Indeed those where best days of my life. I never knew that living in hostel can be so much of fun. I want to write all the memories in series. For today this is a gift for the other three devils in that flat.This 96th devil will always be Jayant creation. Best part is 3 of us me, Nisheeth and Jayant are still together. We have moved on from 96th devil to be more like Corporate devil but yet those memories are still fresh in my mind. As the time move on the memories are fading from my mind.

This is place where 96th Devil used to live...FLAT NO 96...