Monday, April 2, 2012

Love ….and other basic calculation

Well recently I read about LOVE somewhere and I liked that thought quite a bit.

Love is just a calculation. Before you decide to get into “Someone Special” with someone, there are a certain things you calculate and derive a calculation, depending upon which, you may or may not have relationship.

First, you calculate if the other person is food enough for you to date or not. Is he tall enough?  Is she is hot enough? Is he rich enough? Is she hot enough? Is he intelligent enough? Is she hot enough?
Most of the people you meet never match the criteria you set. They are a total reject. But then, there are a few, who do fulfill your criteria. And then, another set of calculation starts. You calculate if getting into something with that person would affect your mental peace.

Would he treat me well? Would she be good at making food? Would he care enough? Would she be too demanding? Would she be too possessive? Would she be too much talking? Would he give me enough time? Would she be too clingy?

And then- the most important question of all times – Would this interfere with my career, study? (Depend upon which stage of life you are at that time).

And what if your special one lives miles apart from you? You would do anything and everything to make it work. The beginning is awesome, with you never leaving your IM, phone message box and even social networking update, telling your love how much you miss their presence. You make every call, message and you do all things to make it work as you have planned it out. But it grows old, and you start to struggle. And then again- CAREER.

But you like each other! So what is the solution? A strict open relationship, that does not demand too much of your time and does not have a hassle of a real relationship. And you get all the perks! What can be better?

Ha! As if love follows a plan! Love cannot be planned!

It is like gravity. You can try to go against it, but you really can’t. You can jump off a cliff, trying to fly, but you will fall. It is inevitable. Similarly, falling in love can’t e prevented. It is inevitable too.
And if you are smart enough to recognize that it is real, you should be smart enough to fight for it and never let it go. Life does not give you too many second chances.

Don’t let love ever pass you by.
P.S.: finding true love is not easy but losing it is quite easy.