Saturday, April 7, 2012

Being Selfish…

How many time you would have heard people say to you, “You are so selfish”. Few times or lots of time, it don’t make any difference. I have heard this thing so many times myself in life that it is like any other word to me. It makes no difference to me to know whether I am selfish or not. Let me tell you the real thing, in life everybody is selfish for his or her goodness. Till you are in good terms with other one it is fine but once good terms are gone, you are deemed as selfish.

“Being Selfish” is not bad thing at all. It might be used in the negative sense but who mind to use it in life, certainly I don’t mind it. If we look at the decision we have been made in the life from the school time to college, the friend we choose, the life we live, even the mobile we use. All of us have been selfish in life somewhere somehow. We lie, we cheat and also betray sometime to live life as we want. So what is wrong with it?

I don’t know, but sometime in our life we have to be selfish. Let’s be honest, who will not cheat to get 100 marks? I think lots of us will, someone will not but then they will be selfish is some other way. In life we take some decision which may sound to other as selfish but in reality if there would be in same position they would do the same.

Well I am cool with “Being Selfish” status sometime. It takes out the burden of being good to others. You can do what you really want to do not what other expects you to do. Some time you need to enjoy the “Being Selfish” Status…..