Saturday, March 17, 2012

The village diary…. (Part 1)

Well usually I write about lots of my current life and lot about my friend life in this blog. When I was at my home in small village in Allahabad I decided to write about that place from where I belong to and where my roots are. The village diary is a collection of my small memories about my village and life over there, which made me what I am today.

My village is almost 25 KM away from main city of Allahabad. The Village name as HATWA, I don’t know about the story behind the name of my village but I found that name unusual. If you will try to find my village even on Google map, it will be really hard because it does not show over there. Well my village has nothing especial to talk to about. Nor we have any special monuments or nor village has any special talent to talk about but yes if I can say something about my village it has some pure heart people living over there. It is located around somewhat 1.5 KM away from the main road, and to reach my home from main road either take a long walk or have your own vehicle.
Well the road, it has not been repaired for almost a decade. Last time I saw the road to be repaired was when I was in school. This time when I saw the road it has more holes in the road then in the field. And yet nobody ever complained about it. I was about to land in my hometown Allahabad in the railways station and it was little bit weird feeling that how long has been away from the city and yet it seemed like the same. One famous poet said about Allahabad that if you put one basket of fruits in the street of Allahabad and after one year you will find that fruit basket in the same place because this city never changes. Well that was about 50 year ago; only thing that not changed in the city from that time was city name and Sangam.

I walked outside of the railway station from Platform No. 1 to take auto or tempo to reach home. Well if you don’t know Tempo is other name of Shared auto. Allahabad has not changed much I can think on my mind. It was same crowd, people talking to each other about politics even though they might not know each other apart from taking a sip of tea with each other in a shop. Every one asking me about me what I need tempo or taxi, It puzzled me because being lived in Allahabad for so long it was strange to be asked for auto and taxi. I responded in a confused state of mind, “Sorry I don’t need that”. I was looking for the tempo stand from where I can find the right transportation for my home and that to in cheaper way. Well who mind to travel 20 KM in shared auto and that to in 10 bucks? Well surely I don’t.

Some pan shop wala helped me to know from where I can find the auto for my destination. In Allahabad if have to ask for a route usually I ask the Pan wale Bhaiya because they are the best resource to get the right information. For me there were few more surprises over there. The entire autos were standing in the straight line and in arranger manner. It was new thing for me as they never used to stand still few months back and more so fight with each other for getting more and more passengers. But this time they all have formed a union or something in which they all get to take passengers by their number. It helps them to at least make sure all of them get proper business at the end of day. I got myself in the auto which was about to leave and have seat for two passengers. I decided to sit in the right of the driver this was only place where seat was available. This was only my second auto ride in Allahabad in last 7 years. After school my Mom gifted me bike, so I never ever traveled with auto or public transport after that.

From my past experience in Allahabad and what I have heard from my Sis on phone that it will not be easy ride because of two reasons. One was that I was sitting in auto and second was the roads of Allahabad are not in a good condition at this time. My journey started in next 5 min. and it was new experience for me. I was looking after the every change I can notice in the city whether it was in the color of the city or the traffic chaose or the new building and the new shops that I could see. Well for me the journey was getting better and better but not for others. They started complaining to the driver about the slow driving and he could only say, “ Sahab dheeme chalaoob tabhoo log kahaiye aur tej chaloob to jeka lagi osse mar kaaab. Humka to adat ho gaiyi hai, tabhai to itni tej gana chalait hai hum”. He was seemed to big fan of Bhojpuri song and that to Nirhuwa rikshawala. For a change I was aslo enjoying that song.

He asked me again, “Sahab aap naye ho ka sahar ma ki bahut dinawa baad laute ho”. I could only give only slight smile to him and replied. “Nahi humao yahi ke rahe wale hai par aaj kaal bahar raahat hai kaam se”. He was more that amazed to see that I too can speak this language which I think he was not expecting from me. 

“Sahab aapho bahut achi bolat ho apni bhasaa, chala bahar raahat ho par apan bhasa to bol leet ho”. I was faltered by his compliment and by the time I reached to my destination I could say to him, “Bhaiyaa tohar ganwa humka bahut acha laag baa, kehke tu sunat rahoo ba aur paisai kitna bha ihya tak ke”. Now that was the finest I can speak this language.

“Paisa to 10 rupiya bha Sahab aur ganaa to niruhawa ka raha, tohka to kahoo b mil jai”. He said in cheerful voice. I was just thinking well I can get some of these songs from Raj bhaiya but thinking about hearing this song in our room was just not the option I can think off. I gave the amount to bhaiya and just started to my journey to home and I am still 1.5 Km and small distance away from my home.

 P.S.: Well being in village always help you to learn without all the Gadgets. As Electricity is found only for hours over there.