Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Magic Number (Part 1)

I don’t know how to explain this but for the first time in my life I am thinking about “Har ek marks jarori hota hai”.

Let me first tell you all the events that unfolded last night so you all can understand.
It was around 11 PM in the night and I was just about to sleep. Usually at that time we all use to watch TV especially some daily sope of our great Indian television. But last night as raj was busy in his poerty and Jayant was busy in chatting with someone on facebook so I decided to sleep. My phone started ringing and it showed name of my close friend (Name can’t be disclosed as she don’t want to be famous). As I picked up phone she started saying something about her IBPS result which I was not able to understand. I thought why she is upset as she knows about not qualifying from past one month since the day result was out. I asked her about that.

She told me, “Today I saw my score card on IBPS and you know I missed qualification by one marks”. She missed qualification by a single mark that to in objective paper. I can’t stop laughing to hear it, 1 mark? Come on you must be joking was my first reaction. How can nobody give you one mark when they know it can be diff. between pass fail. But she didn’t qualify for the IBPS. She talked with me for about 40 min. how she felt and it made her sick that she missed qualification for IBPS written by 1 marks. I tried to console her but she was on her usually only talking not listing to me.
Those who don’t how IBPS works, you have to give exam every six month and its score is valid for 1 year by that score card you can apply for all the listed bank who accept IBPS score card. So you have a better chance of getting throurgh. Meanwhile there exam happens in two part:
  1.        Objective 
  2.        Subjective
 You have to qualify objective question so that your subjective copy can be checked. As usual my friend was not able to qualify the objective one.

Well after talking to her I thought about checking my score card of IBPS. I opened my mail id and searched my roll no and opened IBPS for score card. Well I was not even anxious for the result as I have not yet checked the score or result because somehow deep in my heart I knew I had screwed the paper and I do not want to check the result. I made my mind to check my score card and was ready to enter all details for score card and put my roll no and date of birth…….

RESULT SEARCHING……………………………………………………………

P.S.: That result has something in store for me. It made me feel OMG… wait for part 2 to see what the result has in store for me.