Thursday, February 2, 2012

RAW emotions……

Last night I was reading book named “Does love happen twice” and I felt like to write something. Still I have not finished the book but there were some parts which made me write. I know it sound crazy but that what emotions can do to you sometimes. It can make you do some amazing thing while for others it may be crazy.

I know it quite complicated these days every day start from school to college to office. Every where people looking for perfection, school should be best then you should be best in school. It never ends in your life. Take college life you are competing for marks, for job, for better placement and end you don’t know where you are heading to. I know it sometime tough to say all the wrong things about student who study hard, never party and even never chill out friend. He might reach at the top of the word but does it will give him the satisfaction that he wanted in life. 
I don’t know but I remember few life, “hum apni chahtao ko pane ke liye kya nahi karte aur agar sab kuch dao pe laga ke kuch mil jaye to dil se awaz aati hai, humne ye to nahi chaha tha”.

The little things you forget while being in race. You forget your friends, family and lots of people who love you and the time you realize time has moved on but are still stuck on that time. Friends have new people in life who are more important than you, family have stopped complaining to you about calls and your where about. You want your old days back where it was all about you but life never gives you second chance. I hope it never happens to me because you can recover from this physically but in deep down in your heart you know where you would be stuck.

Maybe you will lose those beautiful movement of fighting for party, eating someone else meal, bunking the class and lots more thing. But can those movements come again when you have time but others don’t? “Prefer extra hour of joy and enjoyment over extra hour of work”.

 This is not a blog or say note. It is something which was on my mind and I put it on paper. I know it is not naturally understandable but afterall these are "RAW EMOTIONS".