Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Me in my memories

First of all this Saturday was the best day of my life. Till morning I was quite happy with all of my best achievement in my life but what gives me more pleasure was the news about our blog. It was around night when my friend and culprit in writing and updating the blog send me that our blog is taken noted by Google and there are some topic which are searched and our blog s on first page. Now that is what we call Awesome.

Today I want to share one of my past life experience when I was student in class. At that time I was thin and small boy who have lot of insecurities and lots of fear inside his mind. One of my friend who used to be lot fitter and little bit healthy than me, He suggested me to do exercise in morning time. My school was a private school in my village but still it was nice school (Don’t go by name of Village school). I was more so thinking about his suggestion about doing morning exercise and one day I decided that I will go for morning walk and will do little bit exercise with little bit of running, jumping and some stand up and down.

That whole night I could not sleep properly, whole time I was asking my Pita ji
“Pita Ji what is the time?” and he said “So jaa abhi to bahut raat hai”. And yet I could not sleep at that time, all I was thinking about was my morning exercise. I wake up early in the morning around 4 am. As my family member don’t knew about my this plan so I have to do some makeup for it, I made clone of myself by putting cloths of me and walked out of home slowely-2. It was bright sliver night; Half moon was bright and night was towards its end. I could hear the voice on my every step as there was pin drop silence in the street. I was so happy that finally it is my first day of exercise but deep in my heart there was a fear of darkness and the animal that can make run faster than bullet.

Yes I was afraid of “DOG”, but I said to my heart they will not hurt you. They were barking but still I made a good face to think that they might be barking on something else. As I started walking towards the field the dog started following me and barking more and more. They were just behind me; I decide to run otherwise it will be my first and last outing at this time. I ran and all the dogs were behind me, I thought I out run even sprinter that day but still dogs were following me. As the dogs were coming near I decided to jump the Big dig that was there in field to save and I think that was my last option. Either I will cross that and will be safe or I will be in it broke one two bone but still then also I will be safe from dogs.

I jumped the dig and thank to god the dog stopped, finally the stopped and go away. My heart was still beating like a bullet train and I could hear each and every beat of it. This was my first lesson while seeking for health I learnt about life. It is good to have health but life is all that matters. Today I am happy to be thin boy but I learned it is all about living. Even great Darvin said “In this world only fittest survive, no matter you are thin or fat, powerfull or weak. Only the best wins in the end”.
For whom we fear these things come first in life.

By Deepak “Rousa”