Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Life & etc………..

For me last few days have been most disorganized days in my life. I don’t know how to describe this part but in the reality it is simple to put your thought in words. I was thinking, it has been almost first six month in job what I have done, how much I have learned and where I want to go in my life?

These are the some question which usually plays the hockey match in mind. I am not able to decide which side I am in the life. There is one side which is happy go lucky attitude I have been carrying my whole life from my birth till day. It does not mean I am not serious about life and profession but it just that I don’t want to be a person who live his life only for earn money and realize how I have missed small things in life. But there is other way of this coin also, if you have achieved something in life or want to achieve to become successful, you have to become some sort of serious person regarding your personal and professional life. You can never assume because you do all you work people will notice your work, that’s not the case these days.

There are days when I find more motivation to work hard but there are also days when I want to run away from this hard and fast city. The balance which I have been able to maintain to get the best out of me is just seemed to be missing for a movement. Even this whole blog was just because I was not able to figure it out what I will write about.

“Kuch alfaz khoye hai maine kahi bolne me,

Kuch soch meri ruk si kahi gayi hai kisi baat pe,
Koi baat bhi thi thodi si uljhi meri dimag me,
Kuch mere dil bhi tha kisi jajbaat me,
Kuch to baat hai iss mausam me,
Main bhi samajh nahi pa raha ho mere khayalat ko”

Just trying hard to maintain the balance about love, life and etc…..