Saturday, January 7, 2012

Emotions and Love….

As I have talking to my sister yesterday and I realized how things have changed in past few years. I just forgot his wedding anniversary date. I realize it and just wished her and just asked few question from myself after sitting in my room. Where are all those little happiness and emotions have gone these day in all the relations as I see my sister complaining me for forgetting his anniversary.

As I started analyzing the last one year of mine and people around me, I didn’t find the answer or I was just looking for more question rather than answer. Funnily enough I have in this situation before. Well being youngest child in any family always helps. You are exempted form lots of responsibility and even your mistakes are not taken as seriously as it should have been. So I led me to a situation where take lot of things granted and think it will happen automatically. I forget lots of friend’s birthday, anniversary and party timing. But the best part is that they never complain and I never explain.

If you ask me, love is most difficult part in any emotion or relation either with friends, family or with anyone else, and it does play havoc with ego, emotions. But, to truly be happy, one must be able to love someone taking away the good, bad and ugly from than person. And that requires that I am able to do some good amount of thinking, re-assess what decisions I took and how differently I could have done things. They might be the smallest of small things, but if it has affected me, and warranted a look over it in these times, then it sure is important.

Understanding people around is again something which requires time for me. I have noticed that many a times, I end up assuming what the other person would have wanted to me understand rather than just understand what they said. And if they do not say anything, I have learnt to ask. I think this is one of the most important things which I need to instill in myself. It is a tedious process, I have begun the same, but I know analyzing my thinking and actions are the only way to go about it

life sometime shows diff. color....