Sunday, January 15, 2012

In my memories (PART 2): First day in IEC

As I have been thinking about where to start my part, I realized it should be from the first day of the college. So let my memories take over this blank page and present you few fading memories from my mind.

When first time I went to my college i.e. IEC in Greater Noida, I could only admire the city, Infrastructure and all the facilities available in the city. It was most organized city you can see in the modern India in term of Infrastructure. As I reached near the college there was buzz near the college, thousands of student where in front of the college gate shouting and demanding lots of things. I asked someone what is happening, he replied, “The student are on strike can’t you see, Idot”. I didn’t know how to reply to that person so I kept my mouth shut.

Somehow after college administration promises and few of student leader fast paced work make sure strike is off for the day and I entered in the college for the first time. It was the only time when I entered from the front gate because after strike that gate was abandoned.  I was not able to figure it out my department in the college so I asked one two person and luckily they told me right direction to reach my department. Here I was just landing in the department that I seeing to fulfill my dreams and hundreds of others as well.
As I entered the class there was pin drop silence and I think this was first and last time. In course of next two year I never heard a silence in our class that was the beauty of our batch. They all loved to shout and I never understood why?

As I have been always simple looking I think it confused all those stylish guys in my class. I was not very expressive in the class either. In our class there were two more simple looking guys and they become my good friend. One was Sumit and other was Ankur Chaudhary. As far as ankur is concerned there was his one desi dialog which I miss most and I can never forget, “Iski athani khoo gayi hai”. But there was one more person who caught my imagination in the first day. He gave a super bore lecture about himself, MBA and about his future plan. He name is Mr. Haider (Syad) and after this day no one in our class gave him chance to speak. Either they clapped when he started to speak or they never gave him chance to reach on podium to speak. I still remember most of the first day event and that was some day in my life with so much of happening.

There was a discussion in whole of our department about Mr. Lakhagvadorj Sangidorj. Everyone from student to teacher was discussing about his English speaking. He has his device where he sees general word meaning so he can understand the meaning of the words. In our class one teacher said to me, “I can see you are quite, do you want to say something?”. I went up there and said about this guy what I felt at that time was right. For the first time whole class was clapping for me. It was nice to remember those clapping sound in my ears. Then there was one more thing I can recollect, Mr. Ashish or a boy with specs as teacher said to him when he spoke to him. Ashish in own style I would be more happy if you say sit down sir and whole class was filled with laughing sound.

That was the day to remember after all it was my first day to remember.

By : Deepak " Rousa"