Saturday, January 28, 2012

Few people to thanks for this blog

As one post of my blog came on the first page of the Google search, I think it time to say proper thanks speech for making this blog readable.

So for this research i opened Google:
typed: Are sips in mutual funds beneficial in short term
And my blog was on first page of Google and i could not believed it. So i did same with Private session with same result and just took the screen shot so i could have the proof with me.

See yourself to believed me.:)

1. Deepak Rousa these days he writes in this blog more than me and more better than me. He made this blog more interesting with his Hindi poems and more so with his emotional note. We all loved your note. So please keep writing more regularly because we love it.I also forgot about this blog until one day I had a chat with him and he encouraged me to write again about our college life. This was why I started our series of college life note.

2. Raj Tripathi I know he don't write these day but he was the catalyst behind and Mastermind behind this blog and how it should work. though lately his is limited to reading only but i know with our his support in starting days i would not have been able to create this blog. We were disappointed when our blog didn't got the response as we would have thought to but still we change it so many times to survive. Now I know why my blog is there and what I am doing with it and all with help of this fellow.

3. Prerna Singh ma'am for believing in our idea and writing first post for our blog. I know as a mentor she have been supporting as but to believe in our this concept was the thing i can't forget. No body knew what we are doing but still she believed us, helped us and more so encouraged us do these type of things. I can only hope one day these type of activity will take over the books in IEC. 

few other without whom this blog would have died years ago...

Nisheeth Khare for just being there and reading blog and making some valuable comments ,
Kshama Goel for her critical thoughts and ideas though me and raj never followed them but still idea is all we care for,
Jayant Singh for just being subject of my many articles about his life and his style ( u r truly rockstar material) but he loves me for being that after all i received party after writing each article on him.
Most impotantly to my sweet sister Nazia Shahid, who has been real inspiration to me. I don't know why she believe on me that I can do anything, We fight, we hate each other likes but still when we need each other she is there for me. thanks sis..:D

Hope our blog can make more journey like this. But you realize with each part that there are no dreams that are too big and each and small things make and path or success.
Meanwhile till next time this is saifi saying good bye to all of you.