Thursday, April 18, 2013

So it’s my birthday today

With each passing year in my life, I have started to enjoy my birthday less. I don’t why but the cakes, the party, the wishes and also some time unexpected party don’t give me same joy as it used to give me last year, maybe it is down to growing older which I don’t want to be. I just want to remain a kid which I know would not be possible, but somehow if I can maintain my innocence in life, that would be the best thing. I am feeling miserable, because I couldn’t understand how to react to this entire happy birthday thing each year. I should be happy that I have live one more year or I should be sad of losing one more year of my life, without doing much in life.

Read the line happy birthday saifi.. :)

Does any one remember the school time in our life, when we used to love the birthday (I don’t know about other but definitely I used to do that), we all used to wait for that day for whole one year in school. This was the only day in school life when we can wear any dress of our choice rather than our uniform and also lots of candies and chocolate where distributed in school and the best part was when whole school used to sing the birthday song for you. One of the best experience you can have because after that you where not bound to give them birthday party, yes that part we start to hate once we start to earn (this is my personal experience).

As we grow old, the same happiness starts to change with the birthday, while we start to take birthday more seriously for gifts from family, friends and who can give it and less for people who wishes us with heart, but this is also a passing period in life of yours, after a certain time we learn what is the importance of love and what is importance of gift (well gift part is still priority to me), but other thing changes as we move on in life.

But in last few years, the birthday has not given me the same joy as it used to give, maybe because now it has lost the innocence it used to do. People today don’t remember you for whole year but still somehow they drop a message on facebook with wishes, remember they will not remember it if facebook is not there, but there are always few people who make the day for you. They don’t wish you but make you feel embarrassed about your own birthday. I love the way they make me feel about me on my own birthday. Thanks raj, jayant, kshama and sleeping Khare sahab for that, well for record this year Jayant was the first person who wished me first. 

Well for record I am now 24 year old, and somehow hoping to make my life much better in next year, this is not written to offend anyone but it is simple reflection of change in time and friendship we are facing at current time. And on my blog I am officially saying thanks to few early people who dropped msg on my phone to wish me not on facebook. Rithesh babeee love you man for your wish, seriously I don’t expected it and also from an unknown number, who ever she or he is thanks for wishing me. 

P.S.: After so many I learned today that I share my birthday with one of my school mate, well not talked to him in long time but still it is weird that I never knew about it.