Thursday, April 11, 2013

Kolkata Night Rider: Where is went wrong in second match

When you saw on paper KKR (Kolkata Night Rider) is one the best side and most balanced side in the IPL, they have right mix of player in team but still yesterday they got defeated by Rajastan Royal rather underdog team in whole IPL. Let us take a look at what might have gone wrong with KKP yesterday:

Not Good opening pair: I know Bisla is good player, but I am still not convinced him as a great opener. In first two matches he has been out by playing a nothing shot in match, he can be a shuffler in team batting order but not as a opener. I would prefer either Kallis or Breden once he is back in the team to open with Gambhir for KKR.

Dependent on top order: KKR is not doubt too much dependent on Top order player like of kallis, gambir and Morgan. If they are fail to perform then the team is in trouble, they have no second option lower down the order to take care of any debacle that happen in the batting order.

Underperforming Indian Player: KKR has some good Indian player like Manoj Tiwari, Yusaf Pathan and Bisla but they all are Underperforming. Bisla and Manoj both have underperformed in both matches, they need to get there performance par to last year to make this team good. There batting order can be changed to make sure they know what they have to do for the team.

Missing some Overseas starts: No doubt about that they are missing Shakib ul hasan and Brenden. They both might not have the same effect of Sunil narien of team but still they were effective. Especially Shakib he can ball, bat and great fielder also for the team. They might need them back asap.

I don’t prefer any overnight change in them team, they are perfect team to win the IPL again, but this year it will be more difficult as team are more prepared for them and there are no more surprises in the team. Hope in next match they will play batter.