Monday, April 1, 2013

April fool day: how to use it for yourself

Finally after so many days I found something to write about, and let me tell you the each word I am writing is not original but I am writing it. I took help of Internet to find how many and also some of thing which were on my mind. So here is main part, usually people say April fool is the useless day and you can only try to make fool people on that day, but let me tell you if you are smart enough in today world you can use this day to your advantage as well. You can use this day like no one has even have in life. Here are few points on which we can make this day useful for you.

 Proposing someone you love: It is always said, you propose to a girl on valentine day, but I tell all the boys to avoid that, because it is too much involved on that given day. but try to propose on April fool day to the girl. If girl agrees then all good, but if not then you can always say I was “April fool banaya” and you can save yourself, and try for next. It is less risky and also less people heart will be broken because at least they will be friends. (Well you can even try breakup part as well, because if it goes well then ok otherwise few sorry and some shopping and a big April fool with smile will do for you)

Changing your facebook relationship status: Well there are lots of people who have there facebook status as single but in actual they are married or not single, so they use this day to tell people about their relationship status, If there is any awkward question then you can always say “April fool” and you can be always be clear about others as well. (Use this part smartly because it might also backfire is you have some secret admirer)

Telling friends about your worst kept secret: If you still live with your friends there must be so many secret which you want to share with them, some of them might not so easy so you can use this day to communicate about it. It is natural, you might have a great laugh with your friend about that and you can remove burden from your head. (Clear head and heart always help in friendship)

Well in my bag right now I have only these few tricks only, I know there are people out there who have unlimited of crazy idea on their mind. So if you have any idea crazy like this just update it on comment section on this blog, amazingly let’s see how many crazy idea we can get so we can use this April fool day in most innovative way.