Friday, April 12, 2013

East Bengal fc : What they should after Travel Morgan

Personally I would love to see him stay few more season at east Bengal fc so can continue what he has started at east Bengal fc, but in case if he decided to leave like he has does so our club should be ready for the change. We should be ready for the change in the guard so we can cope with the change.

Core of team should be retained: In my opinion the core of team should be retained as they have been performing at the very top level for last 3 years. We have to keep the best of Indian young player in the team, like Mandeep singh, Ralathe, Goalkeeper, Okpare and other two foreigners. I like the idea of continuation of the current core of player who just need one or two update to current player.

New coach need time: The coach who would be appointed for the team will need time to exert his idea on time, So team should be given at least full season to see how his team can shape up. He will need the full support of club, player and also the fans so he can give the best performance for the club. 

Minimum one trophy should be targeted: New coach should target the first trophy like fedrashen cup, if he wins that it will be easy for her to impose her thought in the team very easily. As a east Bengal fan I would like them to win as many match possible but I would like to give at least a season so he can get best out of team.

Team should target I league: the only trophy which has been missing from east Bengal profile has been I league, they need to target this trophy as a priority so we can win it, if it require losing some small tournament or fielding week team in local league, than it should be done. I think we can only win l league if more first team player can be rested in the local matches. 

Try to build a coaching team: I like the idea if east Bengal fc can try to create the team of coach where a good coach is taking care of team and any young coach can be his assistance, so he can learn from him in case if he leaves also after one year then also we can have some continuation in term of coaches. 

Well I am not sure who will coach of East Bengal next year, but we have to choose them quite importantly so that we can build on the work done the Traver Morgan. Hope we can do more batter in future as we are doing today.