Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Traver Morgan: The coach we will never forget

I don’t know if he will stay beyond this season for east Bengal fc or not, but I can assure you one thing all of the fan will remember him really fondly once he is gone from the Kolkata. He might stay one more year like last year but still the work he has done in the team is remarkable.

For last 3 years east Bengal have been club who has been in prime form for all the competition, except I league he has almost won every competition available in Indian with east Bengal. The most important part of his coaching was always not winning but also the building the side of east Bengal which he has done successfully. Each year he has added some extra thing to his current crop to improve them further but the key was always to retain the most of the player in the team. They have not spent the big like Mohan Bagan or Prayag united but they are still the main team of Kolkata.

What he did with Mehtab Hussain was the main mark of his coaching; He made him the main focal point of east Bengal. Till then Mehtab was player with potential but lost in world of football, but now he is Indian football team. Again he trusted the young player in east Bengal rather than the stars name and the main core of team was retained every year, Even though when last year Rahim nabi and Nirmal Chettri left the club it didn’t let us down, he found the replacement in the team only and added few more player form other clubs. He might have failed in only place was quality of striker in East Bengal but once you look at team sheet there are five quality striker there Chedi, Robin singh, Mandeep, Baljeet and New aussi striker. They all had their fare share of time on pitch but in that 5, Two robin and baljieet has been in club since last 3 years. It makes you realize that how he changed the policy of East Bengal.

Earlier east Bengal used to change their team every year, the new player always take time to gel and till that time the coach used to change and then again new year same thing goes on. But with Morgan things have been different, now I can identify the players who have played with east Bengal and their best performance. I think if only the club would have not putted more focus on all competition he would have I league last year and this year. His team has already played more than 50 match in this season only and still 10 or 20 more to go depend upon team performance. It has not helped his cause with main player to play all time in the club either local match or the AFC cup match. 

Maybe this year luck turn in his side, still they are only 5 point behind and the Churchill has to play mohan bagan 2 time, they will be looking for some help from their arch rival in this time. What would be a perfect finale to Mr. Morgan and if he goes on in AFC cup beyond group stage then that will be a bonus. Now the question come in my mind is who will replace him to continue his good work done in east Bengal?