Thursday, March 21, 2013

Why I can’t write these days

I have been trying to write something for a long time, but due to something or another I was unable to do so. It has been really frustrating for me because I know what to write but still could not pen it down in laptop paper or anywhere in length.

I start to write on any topic but after first line, my mind become blank or get confused. It just started questioning why I am writing this, I could not write beyond one line in most of time. It became the process where I would just write, edit, delete and rewriter the whole thing again n again in my laptop.  It was totally opposite to my earlier self, where I would love to write about anything from football to books and sometime about myself also, but then everything seems to me that It is again the same repetition I am doing on my blog. I become more complicated as writer and also as a person, I started to find deep meaning in everything and ended up finding nothing, but it was really great process and it made me realize of few thing in the end by a simple thing which I can came across by my friend.

Why I have reached a situation like this, where I could not think and write about anything.
Life is lots about questions and finding its answer. But the problem is, we sometime over think about a lots of thing, from love, family, friends and career. It takes lots of time, energy and also matter of fact you mind also. There was story I read few days back that if the bottle is already filled with old things, you can’t filled it with new details. As I see today, I have in my mind lots of things, from football, love, life, work and family also. But I could not write anything because there is too much in mind.  

I want to take a break from blogging because it just now fun part anymore to me, I am missing the enjoyment in process which I used to have. I don’t know when I will write again, maybe tomorrow or may be after one month. But this time I am not setting any deadline for myself, It will come back to me once I feel fully involved in it. May there is no problem and I am over thinking about everything, but I have no solution either this time.

P.S. the best I can do is taking a break from everything around, and hope for something new to happen….