Monday, July 1, 2013

The movie, lunch and some other gossips

One more Sunday is gone from our life, and we have to be in office on Monday. Well how much we love Sunday the same extent we hate Monday as well. So many pending work, more work because of Sunday, life is like out of hell in Monday. The only console is at least you enjoyed your Sunday. I am not sure about others but I definitely did. First a movie, then Italian pizza and in the end some shopping (as we promised to Kshama).

On Sunday waking up early is again a big task, your body hardly responds to you on Sunday until you have already invested you money in the movie ticket. Somehow we all reached to movie hall on time, that was amazing thing because last two time we where late and missed 10 to 15 min. of movie. Let me tell you the movie part..

Movie Called “Ghanchakkar”: It is not a comedy movie as it was said to be, it is not a thriller while watching you might think. So what is Ghanchakkar movie all about, it is all about a good script which went missing somewhere in the middle of the movie. Movie starting and especially climax is great. The movie doesn’t belong to stars, the real star is script but somehow it hit and misses kind of thing. For me movie was 2.5 out of 5 only because of climax. 

Moral from Movie: Never Ignore calls from your “Mom”, because you never know what she might tell you which can change your life.

After movie we could not deiced upon the food we have to eat, we thought from Indian to chinees, from French to American burger and finally we deiced to go for Italian pizaa. The Pizza was really great; we ordered one veg and non veg Pizza. The best part was the ambiance of the restaurant and I love it very much after a long time. Food was delight, and everything was perfect. 

And remaining the shopping part, I don’t want to discuss because after visiting every shop in mall, she purchased only Deo, can you believe it. Why do girls take so much time in shopping I could never understand? 

P.S.: This might not be a typical Emran Hasmi movie but there was a Emran Hasmi Movement in this movie as well.