Saturday, June 29, 2013

The moods on a rainy day...

On a rainy day, what do you do? Well this question has multiple answers; with different age group you will find that person opinion change and also how he sees things also change. For me rain what was few year back now it is not the same. So let’s see how people age effect the opinion about rainy day.

School student: With the word only my eyes get lightened up, the joy we used to have on the rainy day in school. The day rain used to happen in the morning I used to pray that it should be long at least till our school timing start so that my mom would not send me to school, but in case I manage to reach school we all used to pray that the teacher should be absent, class attendance should be low so teacher will not take full class, there would no morning prayer. List is endless of school time rainy days, but one thing was good that time that we use to enjoy the rain, we were not scared to get wet because of book in the bag. Ahh that was time I miss most, but then school ends and we move on to more freedom time in college.

College student: This is something more philosophical, in college rainy days means party, outdoor games, date with some special, Chai of Lambu, Getting wet in rain with someone, singing song and so many more things about college life which relate to rainy days. We all love rainy day we know we can bunk the class and stay in canteen, we can enjoy the freedom more. Rainy day in college life depict the freedom from all the rules of life, school, family and it show us the new found love, friendship in life. 

Working class: Well I am in this class right now, I am working and frankly I hate rainy days. I hate rains when it start pouring while I am leaving for office, also it irritate me when it start raining when I am leaving from office. Why rains do have to come only in morning and evening, it can come in afternoon and in the evening.  I hate rains because it just makes mess of everything from traffic to office, from dress to laptop. I have to admit, if I have to just make sure rains don’t happen I would say yes. 

I wanted to also write about people who retire how they feel about rainy day, but my boss has just transferred me so much work that I have to quit right now, so I am not sure my interpretation of rainy is good or bad, but I am happy to write something. Basically my boss just told my English is like rice plate eating so stop blogging and start working. Poor me working class, Mango Man. :(

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