Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The cold, cough and some other little health issue

If anyone ask me about the most dangerous disease in the planet, I will definitely say in my case it is cold and cough (I know apart from AIDS, that I the obvious one). For record, from last few days I have been down to cold and cough, include some amount of viral as well in it. From my experience it is really painful experience to have cold and cough. You can’t breathe properly, you lose your taste for food, you feel sleepy all the time but you could not sleep also, your eyes seem to be burning. This is what I am feeling right now, for me there could not be any worse feeling. 

Today it the time when I am missing my mom most, after being away from home for so long it is really hard to miss something because there are lots of changes in your life. But today I am missing my mom hand; she had the magic in her hand. She just put hand in your head and you feel relieved automatically. No need of Vicks, no need have Doctor either, in my home I am worst in eating medicine. I hate eating medicine even if I am in pain. I don’t know why you have to eat those things to get alright when there are other options as well. She always knows how to keep me away from doctor and medicine. 

Well currently there is one small river flowing from my nose, which I am trying to control, but as they say it hard to control anything related to water. So true, let them flow and go to sleep. Someone just messaged me that it’s time to sleep, because it better to take rest rather than right in this situation. God please make me better asap. I do not like it anymore. 

I don’t know when I will be fit again, because it takes time to recover, and with life officially I ma proving that I don’t know what I am writing anymore.