Friday, June 28, 2013

The problem of choice making

Well what you do when you two friends force you choose something when you don’t want to choose anyone one of them. I know it becomes hard and also it become impossible to choose and in the end you want to choose the thing which hurt you least. I am not good not good at making choice for someone else and my friends know that so they don’t rely on me, they just tell me to do this thing. 

So for this weekend, Arun one of my school friends (it sound so good to say school friends) and Kshama (One of my college friends), we three decide to watch movie this weekend. So the first problem we faced was too decided about which movie to watch. And this was the first conflicting point between us, Kshama was interested in watching Ranjhaaana and me and arun was interested in Ghanchakkar. We had to debate, fight and in the end no solution was reached. So we had two option to choose, for me both of them were not good because ultimately I have to pay for movie ticket. They always force me to pay, the good boy I am, and often I agree to do so. 

So in the end we found a very economical solution of this problem, Economical because it will hit my purse less then out earlier idea. We decided that the movie which will be in between 10:30 to 12 AM and with ticket price of 100 per person we will go for that. I am not sure how many of us used to watch early morning show because it is always economical, but I and my gang still follow this routine even though we are earning. May be some good habits from college are never leave you. In that time and budget only one movie comes on and that was Ghanchakkar, Me and arun was happy but Kshama was not. She first fought with us that we both cheated with her, because we knew about timing of show that is why we made such a condition. 

With some more effort and some freebee offer of shopping with her, she agreed. The problem is that she will agree on anything if you agree to accompany her on shopping, which we never do. Because last time we did go with her on shopping we spend 6 hours in mall searching each shop and each brand for a top which she didn’t found and later on she blamed us that because of you both I am not able to purchase. You two don’t help in shopping, so we always try to avoid the shopping part. But for movie we have to let go our poor ego and go with her for shopping. 

I am still not convinced by paying for movie ticket on bookmyshow, not because of trust, but due to extra charges. So I try to avoid them but again they will not agree because last time I made them sit on front seat to watch the movie so they don’t want that experience. So in the end I have pay the extra as well to get this ticket.