Thursday, June 27, 2013

We lost again in Hockey

Once upon a time there was time in India when we were like unbeatable in the hockey; the only way we used to get defeated is either by fixing or super human effort by or neighbor hood country Pakistan. So this was time I think in 80 or in early 90, after that a different trend started in our hockey, We kept on loosing with every nation and today we have a reached a situation where we are outside I think top 15 in hockey ranking and our hockey team is pathetic. 

Recently when World Series was going on I was watching the few games on TV and find it amusing how other country has outsmarted in the field of hockey. We can’t control the ball; other teams are out running and outperforming us in the hockey. New Zealand, Spain and other country that learned hockey from us are able to beat us with ease, I don’t know how to say this but our hockey standard has dropped to very low level that it will take at least few years to get back to the top.

So does it hurt anymore loosing in hockey, I don’t think so, most of people will not know even India hockey team actually played in some tournament. We don’t know about our captain, team and coach also, and most funny thing I found is that the games we teach the world is now teach to us by someone else. That brings the point why we are so much down and out in hockey. I think because we have lost our principle, Indian hockey was always about players, pass and about skill. It was never about power and speed, we have lost our originality and also we are not able to bring modern expect of the hockey in our game. We are just like nation a lost cause in hockey, because we don’t know what we are doing. There is no plan for the juniors at least I am have not heard of it apart form babu buchi, but that is also an old tournament. 

People always say that hockey don’t have sponsor that is why hockey is bad, that notion is wrong. In India there are no sponsors in hockey because we are losing nation, if we start winning in hockey also believe me there will be sponsor for team, player and media as well but for that team has to win, I still remember Jugraj singh and his drag flicks against Pakistan. Those inspired games of Dhanraj pillai, but since then hockey has changed and I also. I have found new sports to watch but hockey has not found there new hero at least in India, may be it will change or maybe it will not, but one thing is for sure in India we love only sports once we are winning, we never like a losing team.