Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Delhi Rains

Life is strange, till tomorrow everyone in the city was asking for the rain from the god, but now after the rain has arrived some of us at least are not happy with so much rain. We are human being; we always find the reason of being unhappy in any situation no matter how good the occasion or situation is in the life. 

India Gate
Early rain the city has brought two things, first it has just ended the heat and humidity and secondly it brings the joy on the face of so many people. I don’t know about summer and winter but rains always bring joy in the face of people. When you see around yourself, tree, plant or roads you can see everything just brighten up with the rain. Like it has just brought back there youth to them, people start enjoying their tea more and talks of getting better production this year also take place. That is the rain for people, it just takes them to new place, you just forget this is the same Delhi that few days ago was hot like hell. It could burn you in the afternoon, now a very cool breeze with a soft water fall happening across the city. In some part of city drainage system has just shattered and people are left to live with first water fall of the season. 

I don’t how people can hate rain, but today once you are stuck in office or say in bus while returning from office, or you are stuck in home while going, you can is in traffic due to rain, we all ask why do rain come. But reality is we never see the brighter side or rain, the joy and the life it brings. It depend upon mood also and person but if you can hate rain then I don’t know what you will love. 

That is what unexpected monsoon brings to the city, some are good and some are not so good. But one thing is there in Delhi monsoon has its own charm, it makes you feel the weather as like you are in some hill station, but the traffic make sure you remember where you are, this city never lose its charm and with each monsoon it seems to glow more and more. Parks get filled again; people plan to visit India gate and other old places which you visit in Delhi. You forget about mall and other shopping places, but monsoon touches you life and make it better.  For me monsoon has come early so let’s get started with our plan for some outdoor party.  I am son of farmer that is also a reason why I love rain because it brings life.