Monday, June 24, 2013

Boom Boom Afridi

There are very few cricketers in our generation who has divided opinion more than this gentleman, Boom Boom Afridi. Some say he is great all rounder, some say is bad batsman who can ball and other say he is a bowler who can bat. But all agree in one point he is a entertainer, he is most popular cricketer in the Pakistan, even though I am Indian fan but this is the only cricket player when he enter the field I watch the match, because he will either hit the ball out of ground or he will get out. There is nothing traditional about him that he will wait and leave the ball or play sensibly. For him if ball is balled, hit it as hard as possible. 

When I first saw Afridi was I think after his famous fastest 100 in the ODI, he was an opening partner of Saeed Anwar. He used to come smash few six and four in first few over, as you about to think he will play big today he used to get out. That was the way he used to play, and his bolling was not that good either. For one thing he was very much famous or Infamous for was his looks, A clean shaved, hair flying all over the face. His hair style is even famous today with people, and lots of my cousin used to love him. He was poster boy, I would have loved to keep his poster in my room but due to my cousin’s love I never did so. 

I always admired his passion in the cricket; even I thought he was the best captain after Imran Khan who has the charisma to pull the unlikely. He can pull up anything, if It comes out it is great but if It doesn’t you can never complain about his effort. But there is also problem of frustration seeing him over the year, He is one player who could have been Pakistan cricket savior, but he becomes none. He still takes on people nerves when he came up to bat and get out on first ball by playing a needless shot, but that is Afridi for you. He will take his chances, He is not a batsman, and he is hitter of ball. He likes to hit the ball not to play the ball. He could have been a great baseball player, because he hits so hard. 

I think every team needs character like him because they make the sports so much more interesting to watch, even if team is losing he will ball with same intensity as they do when they are winning. People might only remember him only for the fastest 100 but he was the reason behind Pakistan win in 2009 t20 world cup. He was the player who ball, bat and even took great catch to change the course of the match. I think we should not question his ability yes, execution is the problem some time. 

For me if you want best of Afridi just give him a free hand, define a role for him, which is not done in the current team of Pakistan. For me he will be always the player when he enters the field I will watch him, love him, hate him but you can’t ignore him. He is the best of his generation.