Friday, June 14, 2013

How do you keep friends??

Every since I have started to write, I always thought about to write this but was never sure what to write about. They have been most important part of life; I have lived few of the best time of life with them. But still I didn’t get enough of them. 

 Some of us always dream of getting best friends, some of try to make them and only some luck champ get them without trying. I am one of them; I got my few best friends in life without trying. There was no such thing like we hit it from the first day, but we lasted the most. There have been good time, bad time and yes some dreadful days as well. But we kept going, lots of time we question each other, fights are hard to remember but yes we had arguments in life but we still keep out thought together. 

But one thing I always wanted to know how you keep your friends happy, You keep calling them, you keep meeting them, you keep them always thinking what to do, texting them. But do you really need to keep your best friends happy. I am not sure, because I have not done that. They call me up but I don’t call them back, they text me but I avoid them. But what kept us friends. I have no answer; I have ditched them most of time when they call me for some urgent work.  Still they hate me for this fact that they are my friends.

I remember one of teachers asked us, How many friend do you have?.

One student replied back sir I am friend with whole class. I also thought so about him because he used to talk to all of them. But sir asked him two more questions,

 “Do you know all about them, and they also know all about you?”. He was stunned with this question and replied with a big NO.

“Only one person knows about me all the things and I also know about him”.

“So, only he is your best friend dear. You can’t say friend to all of those whom you don’t trust”.

That day, I realized you don’t make friends for just name sake. You trust them with things in your life which you don’t share with you family also. I have been away from my family for almost 3 years and I know the importance of friend now more than any other time. But I never supported the thought of making friend just sake of getting benefit out of them. Either I am friend with you or not, I never hid my emotion in that front and never will, because that what I believe in life.

I know some people who believe in friendship which are just for work, they will call, tell you thing and try to talk to you when they see the need of it. You are for them a profit loss balance sheet, they will only give you call if they feel you are profitable for them. Thank god I have fewer friends like that, but still I have few in the list who fall in this category. Life is strange, you often tell the things to person who you believe but if they don’t send you details then what you will do. Often it is painful, and breaks of heart.