Saturday, June 15, 2013

The hard choice we have to make

Well today I have to make a choice, I have two choices and from them I have to choose one. I don’t know why it came down to this but somehow at times you have to make a decision so that you can live peacefully. It does not mean that you are choosing one and ditching other but it means at the present time this is the best for me and other is not right. Well my head say something and heart is saying something else, and as far as I am concerned in the battle of heart and mind I could not decide.

Let me tell you why I am feeling like this today, I have to make choice to purchase a book but my biggest problem is I have to choose between paperback and Ebook. Since last 6 month I have started using kindle of Amazon and too be frank it has been really good in term of my liking because I am purist from my heart. I always preferred book in my hand to read but lately I have been shifting to eBooks and especially on Kindle either on my laptop or on my phone. It offered me the flexibility of reading any where I want to, from metro to bus, from office to train and I don’t have to carry anything extra in term of book or bag. It is always on my Gadget. If you add more on it, it is less costly then paperback. 

But do eBook will ever be able to replace the paperback, I am not sure. Paperback book has its own charm, it bring the feeling of holding book on your hand, sharing books with your friends, you gift it to other and rent it back from them. For me it was always the best part to read but once I start to look back and realize that does it need to be, does it make any difference either I read a book on my laptop or my phone or it is a paperback book. Another argument that make your heart more torn is paperback kills plant, even though I am not that environmental friendly but still it gives you heart more problem to decide.

For me choice is difficult, and I am not sure what I will decide, if any of you can help to make a right choice that will be great, because I am not sure what I will decide. But one this is for sure I will keep reading books either it is on kindle or paperback.