Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A day without phone

Can you imagine a day in your life when you don’t have any phone with you, a day without phone? It might sound weird but I think we all need just one day a week without a phone to just be away with all the unwanted conversation with people. A day where you don’t have to worry about facebook, whatsapp, we chat and other dozen chat application in your phone. A day when you can forget about people who don’t like you but still comment and like your status on facebook and pin you on your BBM at random time to just check about your plan. I think in today we all deserve break from this virtual world, but it need really a bid heart to do so.

Let me confess I tried this once, let me tell you what happened. First of all the people who have not called me in the ages have called me to check about me, then my family member got worried because my phone was switch off and top of it every 5 minute I was checking my pocket that I have lost my phone and then reminding myself, you have just put your phone in home. Well it has become a habit to carry a phone, even when you sleep last thing you do is to check your phone and first thing is again checking your phone. May be earlier it was said that dog is human best friend but now that place has been taken by phone. But one thing I like to say living without mobile phone was much simpler and much easier. You were harder to reach and you maintain that exclusivity but now any one can reach you anytime and also anywhere, even in your bathroom if you carry your phone there.
If you don’t carry your phone for one day with you, you will not face many problems in life. You can spend you free time with the person with whom you want rather than being disturbed by your friend. It also gives you time to talk to the person whom you want to know face to face rather than on chat or on phone. And also it eliminate the photo factor, it irritate me when I see people taking photo on same place dozen times without even changing anything. Without phone you are more like being naturally you rather behaving like someone else. For whole day you are not worried about anything, like even while writing this blog I received tops of whatsapp message from friends, I just realized how much out life is depended on phone. Our phone is like our identity which we could not part away with. Just phone is the way you will spend your life.

I hope someday in my life I could decrease my dependency on phone. I just want to totally undo my dependency on phone, I should be using the phone when I need rather that phone using us and getting all the information which all the people need. May be slowly we will learn to live life without phone, but that is still quite a time go in such a day.