Friday, July 5, 2013

The reader Tribute to writer

There are very few blogger among the crowd (Including me) who write so beautifully that, once they write something you have to read it. No matter what you are doing, and yes Mr. Mayank Bhatnagar you are one of them (I don’t include myself in this list because I am really humble person). I have been reading, writing and following other writing from last 10 years, first it was famous writers, then it was blogger and now the list has grown to some independent writers as well (Actually last part meaning I don’t know). But there are very few writers’ remains that I follow till date; I wait for them to write something so that I can read.

So back to Mr. Mayank Bhatnagar case, I first read his blog when I was in college, till that time I was basically in the reading part only. His blog was introduced to me; Jayant was by Mr. Nisheeth Khare who is very close friend of Mr. Mayank. He wrote something about his train journey and one blog about Nisheeth, that was my impression of his writing. It was witty, emotion and his choice of words was exceptional. But after that I didn’t read much of his writing till last year. Meanwhile in that time I too become blogger (By accident), and started to understand more stuff of writing and reading other blog too. 

Once I started reading Mr. Mayank blog from last year, though I am not his most regular reader but still I read his most of the blogs. His blog and choice of subject has been exceptional, there are very few blogger whom I know are very good at fiction (I am worst at it), and yet it seems natural with him. His choice of words, explanation of situation and expression which come out is amazing but yet so simple. There are no over the top word, no over the top situation, simple choice of words and with simple presentation he create the magic. Very few people can do that, who can make you read there blog when they so simple. There is a blog about love, then a suspense blog and then a very deep emotional one too. The range as a writing he has is amazing (By range I mean the expression of emotion in one blog), he just take you to his journey and you feel like to believe that story, that yes this is real one.

Being simple is very hard thing to do, because then it becomes difficult to make that blog look good. You never know when people will say, it is not good, it is plain simple. But magic is when you make that blog simple yet more enjoyable to read. I think Mr. Mayak you did it very good in that front. I don’t know what goes in his mind when he writes, but I hope he keep doing so, He might one day become a story teller as well. That is very hard thing to do, but he has a talent to do so, below I have pasted the link some of his fine work, you might like (I am not sure about originality, that can be answer by Mr. Mayank).