Thursday, July 18, 2013

The great sporting comebacks

Well I am sports lover, no matter what sports it is, I always enjoy it if I am in the mood. Be it cricket, football or even baseball, I enjoy it all. But in each sport there are few great stories that caught you attention at some period of time. Let me share with you some people I admire due to only for there never to die attitude.

Andre Agassi: I first saw him while in 1996 Altanta Olympics while he was playing with Leinder pase, and I like him a lot since then. It is amazing once I read his story, how he was the daring of America one time and greatest rival to pete samaras, but then it went bad for him. His failed marriage and his ranking dropped to below 100 for some time. He was written off by most of critics and fans about his career, and then made the one of greatest come back in the tennis history. He just not only after that won all the majors but he dominated that period before the arrival of Roger Fedrrer. For me before Nadal he was my favorite tennis player. I always like the way he played and the way he now carries himself off the court. No one match him in the flamboyance that he shown on the court for the long time to come, he was the apple of the eye for crowd. They all loved him included me also.

Yuvraj comeback in 2011 World Cup: It there was any person because of whom India won the 2011 world cup, it was Yuvraj singh. He just played the gem of tournament to make India world champion. There were doubts and people where against him playing in the world cup because he was out Injured and out of form before that. But boy he just proved in the world cup he belongs to the big stage. He just made sure India wins the world cup, he only failed again Pakistan otherwise it was flawless tournament for him. He was man of tournament, but after that his career went downward, but don’t count him out of 2015 world cup yet, he can make a comeback at any stage. He is fighter and I like that thing about him. The only difference between him being great and all time great has been his injury and life style. He is the most gifted player of our generation who graced cricket. 

Ronaldo ( Origanal from Brazil) comeback in 2002 world cup: I remember of being crying when I saw his playing so badly in 1998 world cup final against france. He was the apple of my eye; I loved him so much and being biggest fan of him. That world cup was about him, but it was stolen by Zinedin ZIdan, and Ronaldo graph went down. The failed final, the mysterious injury, the conspiracy theory about that final, it had all. After that Ronaldo spend nearly 3 year in Inter Milan on Injury hell, out of form, all that injury and critics writing you off. It took lots of courage from Scolari to include him in the squad. Even one written him off in 2002 world cup, but he just took the center stage by storm. He just proved how big player he is in the center stage. He scored most goals, including both the goal in the final. He just started his second part of story where it ended in first. For me he was the greatest striker, who can score goal even when you say him slow and overweight. 

P.S.: I only choose 3 different story because they all inspired me somehow, my pic of story is Ronaldo one.