Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Some time I think too much

I am my only last option in my own admission to do anything about life. The problem with me is I think too much and talks too much about it but I do nothing. Nothing about the thing I want to change in the life. Ultimately I lose the chance and the option I have at that time to do anything and later on I regret about it.

So my problem is what I can do about it, it is really hard to change anything in your system when you know it is bad but is now rooted in your system so deep that you can’t change it. It needs really a great will power to do anything, which obviously I am not blessed with. I am very week often when I come to take decision and some time emotional too, it hurt my chance to make anything work in my favors. I don’t know sometime how to express it, but slowly I am learning it from other, how they do it, how it should be done, but still I have to find my perfect blend of them.

Meanwhile my Ramadan are going great, I have done some amazing thing this week, staying away from music, video or any type of activity which might not be done in Ramadan, but the most difficult thing is not to lie, well the work I do, often I have to lie and something it need to put in right prospective but I didn’t do that this week. I choose not to speak or rather leave the statement unfinished rather then lying. Again like I said earlier, this Ramadan I decide so many things to do, but most of them are still pending and I know for record I am not doing it or will not be able to do it.

And before I finish this blog, I like to take this time to say something to all my friends, I miss those day when we used to talk so much over phone or while we meet about life, other and gossips. Now it seems we all are so busy in our life that we don’t have time for other and also for ourselves. We have become another bunch of that mechanical man who only does what is written them to do, but we could not find any other way to do things. I like to talk to people but I don’t like talking, I like listening most of conversation. I am good at it that is what I think. But now it seems there is so less time in a day, and I have so much to do. God give me a break.

P.S. Already planning for a week break around eid, I don’t know what I am going to do in this time, but I need a break from all the things which I do. It’s time to meet the peoples whom I have not met in last 4 year.