Monday, July 15, 2013

Entertainment.. Entertainment and only for Entertainement

There was a time on television when you could only find the singing talent hunt show, from Indian idol to sa re ga ma pa and singing superstar, you could only find every other person thinking about being singer. Some wanted to be Abhijeet sawant and some want to be just part of such reality show. So singing was the big sensation at that time, people would take their kid to musical teacher and tell then I want to learn music in one month, so they could participate in reality show. I remember at time it was big craze, people were only singer apart from their normal job. It helped to the entire idle Music director who now got the job, all the music show were filled with fighting over who is good singer, judge and also which is good show. 

But as we say, the entire thing change with time. Today if you look at the television it is filled with Dance show. Now every channel is running the dance show of their own, there are people who want to be dancer. That remind me the same craze of singing few years back, people are learning dancing, and every dancing class are filled with people. from kid to 60 year old has caught this bug, but what made me really take notice of this situation was the kids of 10 years are now performing the stunt live on tv which might be dangerous to their body, but who cares, as a audience we love the performance. Tv get the money and eyeball and in the end it is all about entertainment. 

So with dance shows on the scene, the singing shows are gone from the television. Now there are no singing star or show, and even if they are on TV people don’t watch them, like today even Indian Idol is there but there TRP is too low, I don’t think that channel will be back that singing show soon. For now Dance is the best TRP getting show, so continue with it. 

The thing about television shows are that they should connect with the audience, till now singing and dance did the same. But what is the next big thing which will connect with audience, well that answer is in the idiot box itself. Till then enjoy overdoes of dance of tv and under dose of music.

P.S.: I liked singing show because it allowed me to listen to some great unheard song of old time. but what I miss is fight between judge, “Mujhe tere ghar me roti chahiye”.. :)