Saturday, February 23, 2013

Varun Dixit : A man with smile :(

Uff !

It was very shocking news for all of us that we lost to Varun. :( Varun was the only guy of my life who talks to me with the words of abuse. It was the time of master degree and I was so serious about my study due to my bad nature. Every day he say to me “ Sale tu rota hi rhta he ‘’ he was the master of economics , He knows the answers most of the questions but I know in very rare matters he tried to stand up. I was very close to him & he say to me don’t be so much serious for small things.


Many times he solved my problems in accounting & finance, He teach me many concepts of economic after college only one or two time I called him and describe my situation he simply say “Tension mat le yar’’ . In college we ( I & Ankur Chaudhry ) make his fun and in class room we saw his mouth “ dekh bhai muh khula hi hua he abhi bhi varun ka'' . Facebook was the only way from where I communicated to him.


It was very sad moment when I read the wall of Saifi and then call to Anil. Within very few time I was a man with madness. Vacey me I have not a little bit trust in life after the day. My 24 Years passed in Study in core study no enjoyment in life ……Books, Exams, Result and teachers  are  the only point where my life stand and yes now career……Is this the way to live ? While you don’t know the time of your life.

I saw the peoples in very hurry, on road, in life and other peoples who see them also comes in the same process. Very few peoples know why they run. Friends Maslow's hierarchy of needs is not a theory only for marks it is the conclusion of life. All of we are make our role as per drama for as per need theory. Varun I learnt the real and rare chapter from you. Neither I have any expectation from the peoples of my life nor any comp lends because it harts me a lot and feel me alone.


We pray for you & never ever forget ur smile and talks. My friend a single person of my life is very special for me…..and yes are & will be :(

Few Lines from the farewell of 2010-11 which I sing for all of u………….!


“Lagja gale se aj fir, Ye bat ho na ho ,

  Sayad fir ish janam me, mulakat ho na ho……:(’’


With pray                                                                                                       

 Deepak Rousa