Friday, February 8, 2013

Jagjeet Singh: My memories of Ghazal King

The first time I got to listen to Ghazal was in the class 5th, it was occasion of family gathering and one of my cousin introduced to Mr. Jagjeet singh. I think it was, “Sarakti Jaye rukh se nakab, ashista aahista” and after that over the years I have been listening to him and have been following him over there.

 His voice and his music has been the leading the Ghazal tradition in the India for long time, he was the only know face of Ghazal to the new generation and people listen to him much more then what is written and hear about it. Today you can see an empty space in the Ghazal scene and there is not one who can replace him.

Few Ghazal collection which has been part of my life..

1. Mujhko yakeen hai sach kahti thi jo bhi aami kahti thi 

2. Sarakti jaye hai rukh se naqa

3. Sunte hai mil jati h hair cheez dua se

4. Tamana phir machal jaye agar tum milne aa jaye

5. Tum itna jo muskura rahe ho

6. Mere dil me tu hi tu hai dil ki dua kya kar

P.S.: If you have some more classic Ghazal which has been part of your memory do share with us. I like his recent one, " Tu ambar ki ankh ka tara, mere chote haath sajan main bhool gayi ye baat"..