Saturday, February 9, 2013

Lucky star in the night

There has been time in my life when every night I used to watch the stars in the sky, I still don’t know why but I used to give me lots of satisfaction. But in last two years I have stopped doing it, I have not seen stars so often in night or you can say I have forgotten the night. 

People in Delhi refer night life as roaming around in night in pubs and in disco, but what people have forgotten is a simple night life with stars. Till I was 19 in my college, I used to see stars in the summer nights. Star can be seen so much better in summer nights, they look so beautiful. I have often tried to figure out if there is any story in the stars, there are trying to speak to us. I could not figure that part out as a kid, but seeing and reading the stars give me a huge pleasure at that time.

May be with time when we grow up we lose our good old habits, but still I try to take time out of my busy life to do the things which I love to do. I has be that way, live the life you want it to be rather that the life others are living. Others life can be nice but it could not be as good as you are having. May be we all are lucky star in the sky which needed to find our own brightness to shine in the whole stars. 

P.S.: Last night I wished something from stars, let’s see how it goes about.