Monday, February 11, 2013

Few abandoned memories

Life is like that, it often take a full circle. You start from some point and after few years down the line you find yourself caught up with some abandoned memories on same place where you have left it. You can’t make it, you can destroy it from your inner system but you just hope to keep those memories in the dark room on your heart where you can’t find them often, and you often succeed in it. Life changes when you get to revisit some abandoned memories, and you see how you past have let you down and you don’t want to go down the same road.

Often people are not hurt by the peoples worlds that are said, but by the words which remain unsaid and yet you know the words. You can feel those words and you can check the signs of it. Emotions make you really week, and you just flow with it. You lose the composure of good and bad, even wrong seems right to you and some time right seems wrong. But once you wake up from those dreams, realization is made by your own self. You first try to deny the fact that it happened to you, then you try to find the mistakes which was made by you and you end up realizing it was always the other one who was on the wrong end and you realized it too late.

But with time you move on and make you own new memories but often it is said, good memories can replace the bad memories but they can ‘t erase it. You always to try to keep those in the dark side of your heart, it is often the safest place where you can keep your untold secret. Until you visit the side looking for some movements you have forgotten. Life is often strange; it throws up with some surprises which you like and some which you don’t like. The problem are not the memories but the person whom the memories are associated with, we perceive them in a certain way in our memories but we always want them to prove us wrong. 

I have so many abandoned memories in my heart, that often I look back and realize how much I have left behind in my short life. But it was not always because I wanted to be in memory but I hoped they might be back one day. Either it had been my childhood friends who don’t talk with me now, or the people who have lost over period of time. May be one day they all will be back or not, but with those memories life seems so better until you just see yourself as the reason of being them in memory.